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An early sketch

Trying to find a jigsaw puzzle game for his daughter's iPad, Chris Laughlin, the CEO of Travelzoo, found the experience frustrating, all of the games he bought were disappointing. He asked for our help, and together we sketched out “Map of the World”, a fun learning game for kids (and adults alike).

Drag me

Jigsaw ‘Puzzle’ Pieces

Numerous sketches, studies and even films went into studying these deceitfully simple pieces.
How do jigsaw puzzles work? How do pieces fall? How do they mix up?

We chose simplicity and a bit of ‘magic’:
Shaking the device distributes the pieces randomly. Tilting the iPad causes the pieces to ‘fall’, and the way they do takes into account the accelerometer and the size of each individual piece, some fall quicker, some...slower.

The Character

Work - The character - Light complete Work - The character - Elephant Work - The character - Elephant Work - The character - Elephant Work - The character - Eraser

The Icon

Q: How much work
does it go into an icon?

Work - The icon

The Maps

Drawn by Hand

Work - The maps

Imagine having to draw 400 distinctive shapes, vectorial based. Hacking geography in some cases because the map wouldn’t fit. Redrawing areas to strike a balance between mapping accuracy, simplicity and ability to play.
Ensure the contours are recognizable and fun.
Rethink small countries and islands to be easier to pick. About 10 times.

The Final Touches

Work - The final touches - Baloon Work - The final touches - Plane Work - The final touches - Boat Work - The final touches - Clouds

Download the Game

Work - Download the Game