Python Developer

Bring your talent and passion to Lateral – develop your skills, build an extraordinary career, and play a key role in creating solutions that transform organizations and communities around the world.

What’s special about this role?

Software Engineering.
You know the difference. It’s a lot more than just programming, how does one design systems that are reusable, extensible, secure.

When you hear this word, your heart skips a beat because you identify with others in pursuit of greatness. The chase never stops, the chase never ends, it is who you are: a driver for doing things right because they are the right things to do (even when nobody's looking). You improve constantly (through learning and practice), just how you help other colleagues and businesses improve.

Quality means caring, quality means respect for yourself and for your profession.

In broad strokes these types of people strive at Lateral, people who care. If you are a reliable, smart, thoughtful, kind, supportive human being, you might just have found a home here.

Resonate with that? Friendly and always seeing the glass half full? Let's talk. Send us examples of projects and artifacts of your work (projects portfolio, redacted documents e.g. system design/diagrams/GitHub) and / or a bio, materials of your own craft. We care more about your work and attitude than the name of the university you attended, or the brands associated with your resume.

We are an award-winning, independent, design & technology company with excellent clients and exciting work. We exist because we want to do things correctly and consistently in a broken software industry.

With over 300 people spread around the world, we work across design and technology, bringing more purpose, authenticity, and delight to our customers.

Our mission:
Design and build great products.

Your mission:
Design and build software with a focus on quality.

Day-to-day, you will:

Experience, Qualifications, Skills, and Technologies:

What we offer:

You can see who we are and what we do at and, if you’re interested, we’d very much like to talk to you. Please contact us at [email protected].